Real patient stories

Meet Canadian patients and the ophthalmologists committed to improving their lives through innovative medical and surgical eye care

Erika’s story

Erika shares her journey toward freedom from glasses and contacts thanks to some resourceful thinking from her ophthalmologist, Dr. Modabber

Robert’s story

Robert shares what it was like to lose his sight and get it back thanks to a corneal transplant.

Anida’s story

Join Anida on her journey to reclaiming her vision after a diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy.

Geoffroy’s story

From extreme sports to almost losing his vision, Geoffroy shares his experience with glaucoma.

Laura’s story

From being teased as a child to gaining a fresh look on life, Laura shares her story on how she got her strabismus corrected by her ophthalmologist, Dr. Budning.

Michael’s story

Thanks to his ophthalmologist, Dr. Roberts, Michael’s life was saved when an eye exam led to the discovery of a brain tumour.

John's Story

John shares his story about the impact his wet AMD treatment had on his life, thanks to his ophthalmologist, Dr. Tennant, and his team.