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Remarkable stories and innovative technology from Canadian Ophthalmologists.
Brought to you by the Canadian Ophthalmological Society, The Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
Regaining freedom: John Fernhout shares his story on how he regained his vision and ability to drive thanks to ophthalmologist, Dr. Tennant and his team. The...
You need at least a shot glass worth of sunscreen to properly cover up.
Gazing at tiny screens 24/7 wreaks havoc on our vision, posture, soft tissues and sleep
After a lifetime of hard work, you deserve to live an active and healthy lifestyle without the fear of vision loss holding you back. I’ve worked as an ophthalmologist for 30 years in Toronto and have…
© Provided by Best Health eyehealth This is why doctors look in your eyes with a light.Liz Rodovich was at work last December when she noticed a shimmering, crescent-shaped aura on the periphery of…
It's pretty much a given these days that electronic screens--televisions, tablets, smartphones, computers and video games--are having an adverse effect on how people view the world. According to…
From protecting your child's personal information online to limiting screen time and blocking out dangerous content—these tech tools are a huge help for the modern family. Here's a round-up of some…
Watch New implant for macular degeneration Video Online, on
Pat Sedgwick awoke earlier than usual on an August morning last summer to a rolling curtain of black dots blocking the vision of her right eye.
A three-year-old in Cape Breton will receive surgery that could save her vision because of the the kindness of strangers.
Brian McKeever has become the most decorated winter Paralympian in Canadian history. The 38-year-old visually impaired cross-country skier won the 20-kilometre event Monday in Pyeongchang, for his…
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