Check your ‘eye’Q

Whether you want to test your vision or see how your eye health knowledge stacks up, you’ve come to the right place.

Memor-EYES Matching Game

Give our fun card matching
game a try and reveal some
surprising eye health facts!

Visual Acuity Test

Screen for major issues with the
sharpness of your vision.

AMD Test

Use the Amsler grid to detect
problem spots in your field of

Big 5 Risk Assessment

Are you at risk for any of the
Big 5 serious eye conditions?
Find out.

UV Myth or Fact Quiz

See if you can tell fact from
fiction when it comes to UV

3 Os Quiz

Do you know the difference
between the 3 Os of the eye
care team?

The Big 5 Quiz

How much do you know
about the Big 5 serious eye