Vision 2020 white papers

Fighting Blindness Canada and other stakeholders drafted these reports on important issues facing people living with vision loss in Canada.
Online surveys were collected from over 300 stakeholders, including patients, caregivers, policymakers and others and an in-person event was held in Ottawa, where the issues were discussed by leaders in policy, advocacy and science.
These papers amalgamate the range of perspectives and provide recommendations for a better, bright, more inclusive future for people living with vision loss.

Living with Vision loss

Developed primarily through the survey responses of those living with visual impairment, this paper provides an overview of the diverse circumstances that these individuals face when navigating the world around them and recommendations for each stakeholder group.

Canadian Vision 2020 White Paper: Living with Vision Loss

Vision Research

There have been great advancements in vision health and technology in the last few decades but more is always needed as the population ages and vision loss affects more and more Canadians. This white paper explores a general framework for research as well as policy and advocacy in vision research.

Canadian Vision 2020 White Paper: Vision Research

Equity and Access to Vision Health Care

Canada’s national health care is a point of pride, and rightfully so, but because it is delivered by the provinces and territories, leading to essentially thirteen separate systems, there are discrepancies in access to therapies and treatments. This white paper identifies areas that need development and support, including clinical trials, new medicines for rare diseases and overall research and development.

Canadian Vision 2020 White Paper: Equity and Access to Vision Care